Friday, October 21, 2011

Efika Smarttop MX51 - 3.0.4 Kernel

It is with great excitement that i finally announce a completed 3.0.4 kernel for Efika MX Smarttop ARM Systems. Currently we have nine efika's active in our build farm, they are building packages under mock for our F15Arm release; and are currently running the most up to date stable kernel.

Some Minor tweaks, specific to the Fedora-ARM team setup which have been built into the kernel include, IPV6 support and ACL's on ext2,3,4 filesystems. Another large tweak, was scaling back the version number to 2.6.40. This was necessary as some packages look for kernel version 2.6* when building.

Below are links to the built uImage, module tarball, and the config used to build the kernel.

Completed uImage

That's all for now. Stay tuned,