Saturday, April 8, 2017

Git Repo in Google Drive

I manage a handful of config files for various parts of my home infrastructure. Some, like my DNS zone-files require changes every now and then and I like to have my changes tracked somewhere. Naturally I turned to git to track the changes. I didn't want to pay for a private repo and I don't want some of these configs hosted publicly but I did want them in the cloud for retention. I thought it would be neat to have the git repo for my tracked files hosted in google drive and accessed via a google drive mount on my machine.

It was surprisingly easy, I installed google-drive-ocaml-fuse, in my case from the AUR. I mounted my google-drive to a folder and created some empty git repos within and added my files to each for tracking. Kind of pointless, maybe lame, I know; but a simple way to track changes to files and have them automatically backed up in cloud storage. It was also a bit slow but worked!